All HDMC (and a number of related) tasks, August 2019


(Year in parentheses is when the work was initiated.)


Data Upgrades (all HDMC funded)



Ulysses HI_SCALE  (web server)  Carsten Denker, NJIT

CME event list (add Type 2 burst data)  Nat Gopalswamy, GSFC

Geotail SW data (mag/plasma) Joe King,  Perot Systems

SWRI legacy data ("VO" access)  Joey Mukherjee, SWRI

Geotail and ACE (energetic particles)  Jon Vandegriff, JHU/APL

LISIRD (solar irradiance)  Martin Snow, Colorado



DMSP/SSUSI  (add to TIMED/GUVI) Larry Paxton, JHU/APL

Polar UVI (VxO access)  Chakravarthy Deverapalli, U Alabama, Huntsville

Heliospheric data at SPDF (uniform interface)  Natalia Papitashvili, Perot Systems

DE data (reformat and put in CDAWeb)  Robert Candey, GSFC

ASC  (redo data access)  Andrew Davis, Caltech

ICMEs  (event lists)  Alysha Reinard, Colorado

Halo CMEs (SOHO event catalogue)  Nat Gopalswamy, GSFC

ACE ULEIS (data center upgrade/VHO)  Glenn Mason, JHU/APL

UARS/HRDI (data upgrade and access)  Wilbert Skinner, U Michigan



SOLIS/SVM  (digitize Stokes profile data)  Carl Henney, NSO

Wind 3DP & MFI (combine with STEREO)  Stuart Bale, UCB

Imagining Vector Magnetograph (digitizing, access)  KD Leka, Northwest Research

ISEE 1,2  (upgrade and CDAWeb access)  Timothy Eastman,  Perot Systems (?)

Polar UVI-OST  (data portal)  Glynn Germany, U. Alabama, Huntsville



DE-1/Plasma Wave   Umran Inan, Stanford

FAST (all)   Robert Strangeway,  UCLA

WIND/SWE  (Distribution functions) Justin Kasper,   SAO

SUSIM Irradiance   Linton Floyd, Interferometrics, Inc.

Skylab UV Spectral Data    Jeff Morril,  NRL



SMM/GRS   James Ryan, UNH

UARS (WINDII)     Robert Stockwell,  Northwest Research

IMAGE (FUV, O/N2)     Yongliang Zhang,  JHU/APL

Neutral Atom Images (Inversions)  Jorg-Micha Jahn,  SWRI



RAIDS (lower Thermosphere products)    Scott Budzien,   NRL

GPS Ionospheric Irregularities    Xiaoqing Pi,  JPL

RHESSI science-ready images   Richard Schwartz,  Catholic U.

UARS/HRDI and TIMED/TIDI unification   Wilbert Skinner,  U. Michigan

AMPTE and ISEE energetic particle data to CDF   Jon Vandegriff,  JHU/APL



MDI Active Region Patches   Michael Turmon, CalTech

CAMMICE/MICS upgrade  Jonathan Niehof,  LANL

STEREO-B SECCHI imagery   Craig DeForest, SWRI

ISEE-1 Wave Data   Jolene Pickett, U. Iowa

SHIMMER Neutral Winds   David Siskind, NRL

DE2-FPI and DE2-WATS Neutral Thermospheric Winds  Rick Niciejewski, U. Michigan

C/NOFS VEFI data   Robert Pfaff, GSFC

Geophysical Institute Magnetometer Array   Donald Hampton, U. Alaska

TWINS-ES data services   Timothy Guild,  Aerospace



DMSP SSIES-1  William Coley,  UT Dallas

ISIS-2 during storms  James Eccles,  Space Environment Corporation

TWINS-ES/HiLET   Timothy Guild, Aerospace

POES/MetOp particle data    Stuart Huston,  Atmos. & Env. Research

SOHO/MDI flux emergence events   Derek Lamb,  SWRI

WIND EPACT   Allan Tylka,  GSFC

ISIS-1   Yongli Wang,  UMBC

OGO-5, Explorer 33-35, 41, 43 Mag   James Weygand,  UCLA

Spherical Elementary Current System Archive   James Weygand,  UCLA  



Plasmaspheric Density based on Field Line Resonances    Peter Chi, UCLA

AtMoCIAD: Atomic and Molecular Cross Sections     Guillaume Gronoff  NASA Langley

TWINS-ES/SCM data upgrade and archiving    Timothy Guild,   Aerospace

GIMA Magnetometer array data collection upgrade  Donald Hampton,  Geophysical Institute

Sunspot Magnetic Tilt Angles   Jing Li,  UCLA

GOES EUV Irradiance long term dataset   Janet Machol,  NOAA

Ulysses HISCALE PHA Data   James Patterson,  Fundamental Technologies

Sunspot field strengths   Alexei Pevtsov,  NSO

Yohkoh/GOES  XRS flux combined archive   Aki Tekeda,  Montana State

Nitric Oxide radiance from TIMED/GUVI   Yongliang Zhang, JHU/APL



ISIS-1 topside ionograms   Shing Fung, NASA/GSFC

IMAGE EUV data from UDF to CDF   Dennis Gallagher, NASA/MSFC

Subsurface Helicity in Active Regions   Rudolf Komm, AURA

Mees CCD H-alpha Imaging spectroscopy database    KD Leka,  NorthWest Research

Stormtime Plasmapause locations from IMAGE EUV   Michael Liemohn, U Michigan

Full-disk BBSO H-alpha data improvements   Chang Liu, NJIT

Cluster/CODIF ion composition background-corrected dataset   Christopher Mouikis, UNH

Spherical Elementary Current System for M-I coupling   James Weygand, UCLA



Van Allen Probes 1-20MeV protons   Seth Claudepierre, Aerospace

ISIS-II polar cap storm time data   James Eccles, Space Environment Corp.

IMAGE HENA Ring Current distributions   Syau-Yun Hsieh, JHU/APL

TWINS-ENA Ion temperatures   Roxanne Katus, E. Michigan Univ.

Solar Meridional Flux dataset   Rudolf Komm, AURA

Voyager LECP Count rates    Jerry Manweiler, Fundamental Technologies

SDO/MDI Doppler data recalibration   Philip Scherrer, Stanford University



Preservation of early full-disk magnetograms from MWO,  Alexei   Pevtsov .    AURA

Cross calibration of solar instruments for coalignment,   Keiji Yoshimura  Montana State

HMI Data Corrected for Stray Light, Aimee Norton,    Stanford

Floyd, SUSIM UARS Data and Metadata Enhancements,  Linton Floyd,   SSRC

Release of CLASP data,  Christian Bethge,  USRA

Deep solar meridional flow using time-distance technique, Shukirjon  Kholikov ,  AURA

Salem, HELIOS 1 & 2 Solar Wind Plasma data, Chadi Salem,     UCB

TIMED/GUVI: Net radiance of  N emission at 149.3 nm, Yongiang Zhang, JHU/APL

SDO/MDI Subsurface flows from big rings,  Rudolf Komm, AURA



Distributions and moments from Polar TIDE,  Barbara Giles,  NASA/GSFC

Data Products for FAST TEAMS, Lynn Kistler,  UNH

MDI Subsurface meridional flows,  Sushanta Tripathy,  USRA

BARREL Electron Precipitation,  Leslie Woodger,  Dartmouth


Value-Added Services  (all HDMC funded)



VSO extensions (generalizing RHESSI analysis) Brian Dennis, NASA/GSFC

Unified Data Access  ("MIDL/DataShop")  Jon Vandegriff,, JHU/APL



HELM  (Event list manager)  Robert Candey, GSFC

Visual VSO  (Google-like)  Jack Ireland, ADNET (GSFC)

ENA inversions (algorithm for general use)  Jorg-Micha Jahn,  SWRI

MANGO (magnetogram analysis)  Lee Bargatze, UCLA



VO Downloader and HelioLib –Jon Vandegriff ,   JU/APL

Data Mining (startup)  Homa Karimabadi            , SciberQuest



Conjunction Locator Service  Danny Morrison,  JHU/APL

Data Mining  Homa Karimabadi,  SciberQuest

Data Access API and Related Services  Robert Weigel,  GMU



HelioViewer front-end to VSO   Jack Ireland,  ADNET

Advanced Data Based Queries    Tom Narock,   ADNET

Magnetic Conjunction Mapping from the ITM to Magnetosphere  Elsayed Talaat,  JHU/APL




(SDAC funding; 2004)

VSO (Solar)  Joseph Gurman, GSFC;  Frank Hill, NSO


(HDMC funding)


VHO (Heliosphere)  Adam Szabo, GSFC

VMO-G (Magnetosphere)  Jan Merka, UMBC/GSFC

VOM-U (Magnetosphere)  Ramond Walker, UCLA

ViRBO (Radiation Belts)  Robert Weigel, GMU

VITMO (ITM region)  Daniel Morrison, JHU/APL



VEPO (Energetic Particles)  John Cooper, GSFC



VWO (Waves)  Shing Fung, GSFC

VMR (Models) Aaron Ridley, Michigan


(Related, but not technically a VxO; now SPDF funded; started 2004 as NRA grant)

VSPO (HP "active inventory", now HDP: “HP Data Portal”)  Aaron Roberts, GSFC


(Related nonNASA projects)

VSTO (CEDAR + solar for now)  Peter Fox, RPI

GAIA (Ground-based images, etc.)  Eric Dononvan, Calgary, Canada

HELIO (Successor to EGSO) (Solar and other)  Robert Bentley,  MSSL, UK

    [Now part of an EU VO: “VESPA”]


RAs (all HDMC funded; no longer offered as part of HPDE)



Polar  (Mag, Electric Field, Waves)  Peter Chi, UCLA

SNOE/POLAR (all SNOE; POLAR TIMAS)  Christopher Pankratz, Colorado

Polar  (TIDE, UVI)  Paul Craven,  MSFC

TRACE  (All)  Carel Schrijver, Stanford

SOHO  (MDI)  Philip Scherrer,  Stanford

Yohkoh  (All)  Aki Takeda, Montana State



IMAGE/RPI Bodo Reinish/Ivan Galkin,  UMass

FAST (all)  James McFadden,  UCLA       

Ulysses (HiSCALE) Tom Armstrong, Fundamental Technologies

Polar (HYDRA)    Jack Scudder,  U. Iowa



SOHO  (MDI) Rick Bogart,  Stanford

Imaging Vector Magnetograph (Mees Solar Observatory) K. D. Leka,  Northwest Research

Geotail (EPIC)  Stu Nyland,  APL



IMAGE HENA    Syau-Yun Hsieh,  JHU/APL